Changes Coming…Who Will Step Up and Win?

Posted: November 14, 2016 in AVC Men's Basketball, AVC Men's BB 2016-17, Player, Pre-Conference

Starting out a year with a 1-3 record is not what the AVC coaching staff was expecting.  With a talented group of players…six sophomores and seven freshmen…the sophomores got first shot at long minutes on the floor.  Made sense as they are big, experienced and looked like a perfect group to start out fast and successful.  Instead, well lets put it this way, it was a 1-3 kind of start for AVC.

829_0906[128]The game against #1 Saddleback on Saturday may have been a turning point for the AVC team this year.  AVC sophomore laden team started their fourth game with an abysmal 16-0 run for Saddleback on their home court in front of a big crowd of expectant fans.  A couple of fans imagewere heard discussing asking for their money back.

It was at that time, it looked to me that Coach Taylor said to himself, “Enough of this —-.”  In came a rash of AVC’s freshmen who with their energy and their talent, battled the #1 team the rest of the game to a near win.  Joining the freshmen was two of AVC’s sophomore’s Jailen Gill and Cory Dollarhide who ended up leading the freshmen.  Osi Nwwckuka, 6’4”, 190 PG, Miles Wise, 6’3”, 175 Guard, D’Mauria Jones, 6’4”, 195 Guard/Wing, Will Harold, 6’8”, 200 forward. 

imageDon’t get me osi Nwackukwauwrong, the freshman looked like “freshmen” at times  with turnovers, bad shot selection and just being at the wrong place at the wrong time but, their energy/talent on both ends of the court nearly pulled the game out. 


Myles Wise...Defense

A number of things can now occur; 

  1. The sophomores will get their heads back into basketball with a vengeance and do what it takes to win.
  2. More and more freshman will take over the playing time much earlier than expected.
  3. There will be a mix of the above


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