Thank You to the Vets…From Three Generations of Vets

Posted: November 11, 2016 in AVC Men's Basketball, AVC Men's BB 2016-17

imageOne of the things that I will be doing this morning when the sun comes up which I am the most most proud of, is putting up the American Flag in front of my house.  My 99 year old Dad with a little help will be doing the same, and my son has his flag up 365 days a year.  All of us are Veterans of foreign wars;  Dad=WWII, myself=Viet Nam, my son=Iraq.

I was talking to young woman yesterday who played basketball at AVC who joined the military now that she received her AA degree.  We had a long talk about what to expect and in many ways being in the military is much like playing college basketball.  Teamwork, conditioning, taking orders, concentration and academics. 

The men’s basketball team currently are going through “basic training” and we will see how far along they are when we play #1 Saddleback who are in AIT(Advanced Infantry Training)  Great experience for the AVC team.

Thank you to the Vets for all they did for our Country.

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