AVC Faces Experienced Guard Dominate Team… Orange Coast College

Posted: November 2, 2016 in AVC Men's BB 2015-16, AVC Men's BB 2016-17, Defense

With seven sophomores, their three tallest players at 6’4”, AVC will face a fast, hot shooting, intense group of players who look to run and harass the bigger AVC team off the floor.  Orange Coast will look to:

  1. Wear down AVC by playing 15 players with superior conditioning. 
  2. Force AVC into a uncomfortable up-tempo game.
  3. Use screens, perimeter shooting and slashes to the basket to score.
  4. Get all the lose balls and box out the bigger Marauders.
  5. Take good shots and force turnovers.
  6. Press/Zone Press/ Zone/ AVC

Is AVC ready for this type of basketball?  We will see Thursday at 3 p.m..   Good test of styles for AVC.

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