Not Much More to Say…”The Season is Here”

Posted: October 30, 2016 in AVC Men's Basketball, AVC Men's BB 2016-17, Pre-Conference Season

I woke up this morning(Sunday) and remember I did not have an article ready about AVC JUCO basketball. Unusual, as this teams has some real potential for going far this year. 

I believe that this dearth of things to write about is based on my belief that the team has reached its potential, that playing against each other, will will allow.  The team needs some real top notch competition that counts!  This competition will bring out a number of things;

  1. How well will the individuals fall into their roles/rotations and work together as a team?  i.e. team before individuals. 
  2. Consistency.  Will they play at a high level, game after game after game?
  3. How soon will the freshmen(7 on the team) learn the self control and use of their exceptional talent at the college level?

It all starts this week.

P.S.  Photo shoot tomorrow for the “Starting 13.”

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