Next Week the 2016-17 BB Season Starts…Thoughts

Posted: October 29, 2016 in AVC Men's Basketball, AVC Men's BB 2016-17

I am impressed how information flow about California JUCO basketball has improved in the last five years.  Dramatically better.

When I started this website seven or so years ago, the ability to get up to date/accurate information on California JUCO Basketball was abysmal.  The word about JUCO basketball players just was not getting out there.  Now things have changed. community college basketball coaches association) has improved their information(stats/rankings).  I am so impressed with the improvement of their website! is a privately operated blog by John Bynum that covers NoCal and SoCal who is doing a great job.

Twitter is being used by some of the coaches and by the players.

Of course the long timers, David from DRin CA(covers the state), Kevin McCarty(NorCal coverage on, and of course my Antelope Valley College fan website that gets into a little bit of everything. 

No excuse now for anyone not to be up to date on Cal JUCO Basketball.

Image result for pre-game ceremony cubs world seriesJust watched the first pre-game ceremonies of a world series game played in Chicago since I was born, 1945.  Now that was an outstanding pre-game ceremony!!!

The final week of full practice for AVC ended well on Friday.  Intensity, solid shooting, strong rebounding, improving defense and I especially liked the free throw shooting; 13 of 13 – 100%If the AVC team continues at an 80% average for the year, that is three additional wins in their pocket. 

Here are the games I would like to see next week…of course the games I will see is the three games that AVC will play in the Ventura Tournament, October 3, 4, 5, 2016.  Anyone at the games I mention below, if you get a chance, send me a note about the game/score and I will get it out.


Compton verses San Bernardino Valley


Cerritos verses Chaffey


Citrus verses San Diego

Fullerton verses Mt San Jacinto

Fullerton verses Mt. San Jacinto

Final of the teams above…one heck of a tournament!


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