There has Been Some Serious Coaching Going!

Posted: October 25, 2016 in AVC Men's Basketball, AVC Men's BB 2016-17, Coaches

Coach TaylorI am back home from my third trip  in the last two months just in time to watch AVC practice on Monday.  With only nine days till their first game against Orange Coast College, I noticed a couple of things that imagejust jumped out at me.  The players;

  1. Are much more lean and muscular than when they arrived.
  2. This has lead to greatly improved jumping ability.
  3. Over all shooting has improved from all over the floor. 
  4. This sounds crazy but the players now know when/how they made mistakes on the floor.
  5. Coach Mario BatesEvery position has two or more players that are ready mentally, physically and talent-wise to play college basketball. 
  6. These guy enjoy playing with each other.

net coach mike riosThere has been some very effective coaching going on this Spring/Summer/Fall.

The players cannot wait to get out on the floor in a real game.  Add to that, practice is brutal as the 829_0834red/grey shirts have improved so much and have an attitude that they never give the “starting 13” a break. Maybe should call them them “attitude crew.”

Finally, looking forward to seeing this young AVC team’s defense, consistency and their shot selection in games that count. 



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