Pre-Season Poll…and More

Posted: October 20, 2016 in AVC Men's Basketball, AVC Men's BB 2016-17, Coaches, Poll, Pre-Conference

My suitcases are packed with warm clothes, my car is filled with gas and I will be leaving for the airport in a couple of hours.  Heading for my Dad’s 99th birthday party in Minnesota.  Should be a big blowout.  Its been a busy couple of months with 15 days in Austria, five days in San Diego and now five days in Minnesota.  Guess I am getting ready for the basketball season.

Now back to JUCO basketball…the CCCAA coaches pre-season poll came out yesterday and AVC was ranked;

  1. State-wide Ranking #11
  2. SoCal Ranking #6

The pre-season ranking are based on how well the team did last year(AVC 25-7/state elite 8) and what the teams look like in the Summer/Fall shootouts(AVC 7-1).  As the players know, its not the pre-season ranking that is important but how the team finishes in March.

AVC will be taking on some ranked teams at their first tournament in Ventura.  Here are the three teams ranked in the SoCal pre-season poll;

  1. #6  Antelope Valley College
  2. #16 Pasadena City College
  3. #20  Ventura College

In the first games of the pre-season, no team should be overlooked especially in JUCO.  Orange Coast is a team that plays a difficult style of basketball.  Riverside College has not played any games in Fall/Summer so is a complete unknown.  Ventura is at home and has size and Pasadena is talented.

Finally, the AVC team practices have been spirited and they will need the 13 days to prepare for their first big test in Ventura.  AVC has had average practices over all but did a nice job at the free throw line.  They attempted 34 FT made 29 for an overall percentage of 85.3%  They will need that kind of shooting from the line to win their games against top teams..

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