Practice Exploits

Posted: October 12, 2016 in AVC Men's Basketball, AVC Men's BB 2016-17, Defense


ACE stuff

  1. Antone “Ace” Warren is a big man, 6’10”, 265 but he sure has a nice touch from the free throw line!  Should help the team on their goal in shooting 80% from the free throw line for the year.
  2. Was watching a freshman player in practice who sure looked bored as he was playing with the basketball net instead of watching the new defensive sets being worked.  Reminded me of my son when he played T-ball and was out in center field hoping on one foot with the his back to the plate.  LOL
  3. The whole team(20 players)except for one grey-shirt and one sophomore were ready to go 20 minutes before practice started.
  4. Trading three pointers with the red-shirt team is not a winner. 
  5. When you are 6’4” BUT have a 6’8” wing span you surprise a lot of people around the basket. 
  6. The red-shirt team is being very aggressive on both end causing turn overs.
  7. Great passing much faster than fast feet.
  8. “What are we running?” “What are we running?” “We’re running 90 miles an hour and not accomplishing S—T!”
  9. Breaking down a good zone defense is not easy…just ask Syracuse’s opponents…but when you put that score in the last 10 seconds in the half court set it’s feels soooo good!
  10. AVC’s practice free throw %…81.9%

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