Reggie Byers, 5’9”, 180, Sophomore, PG…Update

Posted: October 6, 2016 in AVC Men's Basketball, AVC Men's BB 2016-17, D1, Player

Reggie Byers3

“I love the chemistry of this team.” “Add to that the level of talent we have.” “I fit here just right.”  The sophomore point guard is a game changer with his court vision, unselfishness, speed and university talent.  He reminds me of D-1 CSU Long Beach starting point guard,  Justin Bibbins.  Reggie may be a bit stronger and has the same ability to change speeds as the need arises. 

I asked Reggie how he has improved since he joined AVC and his immediate answer was, “I am playing smarter.” “I am learning the game within the game and it makes me a much more effective player for the team.”  Sounds like a cerebral point guard doesn’t he.  The most most important things that impress me about Reggie on the basketball floor?  He protects that ball every play, the intensity which he plays defense and that he takes academics seriously.   

Everyone in his Kansas hometown knew Reggie as he says, he grew up playing basketball in every gym or play ground that was open.  He was always small and to overcome that he had to learn every trick in the book to be the best at his position despite of his size.  He is quiet but you can tell he has that necessary chip on his shoulder that his team mates love.  Now he has added the mental part of the PG position at the college level to his repertoire.

Look for a special year for Reggie.


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