Antone “Ace” Warren, 6’10”, 265…Update

Posted: October 5, 2016 in AVC Men's BB 2016-17, Conditioning

anton warran12I sat at practice the other day and took a good look at AVC’s big man.  Without a doubt, Ace is in the best shape of his basketball career.  This summer Warren turned up his conditioning activity/track/weight room and it turned out to be a “fat to muscle” extravaganza. 

This change gives Antone;

  1. Improved ability to run the floor
  2. Increase his jumping ability
  3. Improved quickness defensively
  4. New muscle/decrease fat protects the big man’s joints from injury.

Scary physical improvement.  Add to that an intensity for his academics that was not there before. 

Coaches Timing Ace on Track

Could it be that Ace finally has the belief/confidence that he is at the verge of goals that he has been dreaming of?  His dominance at the Cerritos Fall Shootout and the Las Vegas Invitational may have helped him to this new level.  Add to that a strong buy-in to the AVC system.  Great work coaching staff and “Ace.”

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