D-2 University Top 10 Ranking. West Coast? Ouch!!

Posted: October 2, 2016 in AVC Men's Basketball, AVC Men's BB 2016-17, D-2, D1, Recruitment

I just found the early top 10 rankings for the national D-2 University  and like D-1 Early Ranking  it looks like D-2 college basketball in the West is also weak!

I know that its very early to rank basketball teams but, I have noticed at Antelope Valley College(and other Cal JUCO’s) that many of the top JUCO D-2 level players are being missed by west coast D-2 universities.

Instead they are getting full ride scholarships at D-2 power houses east of the Mississippi.   Not only are these Cal JUCO transfers making the east D-2 teams stronger(usually play year after year in national NCAA Tournament), but after they graduate they go on to play professional basketball!  Just using AVC as an example;

  1. Reggie Murphy, Henderson State University, European Pro
  2. Shelton Boykin, Angelo State University, South American Pro
  3. Vadal Faniel, Texas A and M International, European Pro

A bit of good news on the Horizon for the west coast D-2 teams? A increasingly large number of West D-2 teams(along with D-1 U’s) are recruiting often and aggressively at AVC this year.

Here is Sporting News top 10 D-2 ranking for 2016-17.

Sporting News

2016-17 Preseason Poll

1. West Liberty(West Virginia)

2. St. Thomas Aquinas(New York)

3. Alaska- Anchorage(Alaska)

4. Arkansas – Fort Smith(Arkansas)

5. Angelo State(Texas)

6. Queens University(North Carolina)

7. Colorado School of the Mines(Colorado)

8. Saginaw Valley State(Michigan)

9. West Texas A&M(Texas)

10. St. Cloud Stat(Minnesota)

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