Back Home; Player’s Multitasking; Player Health; Stress Levels

Posted: October 1, 2016 in AVC Men's Basketball, AVC Men's BB 2016-17

IMG_0407Its good to be home!  After 15 days in the Austrian Alps which was outstanding, getting back to the “ranch” in the Antelope Valley is feeling great too. 

I attended my first AVC basketball practice in two+ weeks and must say I was impressed.  There was definite improvement during this time especially from the freshmen team members.  It’s been quite awhile since AVC has had this many talented freshmen.

I think the thing that jumped out for me is how much AVC’s college basketball players have to multitask. 

  1. Five day a week workouts/practices and sometimes two a day.  The great majority of all AVC players were “The Man” on their HS basketball team and now everyone on their team is as good or better than they are.
  2. Academics that require serious concentration and are closely monitored.  On Friday a number of the players were working hard in their academics assignments at the gym.  They know 2.5 GPA or above is key to their future.
  3. Very active recruiting occurring.  When recruiters from Universities as far away as Hawaii and  top D-1 universities are on the sidelines watching their workouts, it ramps up things.  This is why our players joined AVC but it still is stressful even for non-qualifying freshmen. 

When you think about it, to be successful in life in general one needs to be a great multi-tasker.  Outstanding training for the our student athletes.

Knock on wood, the team is healthy with the usual tweeks here and there.  To win it all, the team must stay healthy.

Looking at the current 20 players, I believe there are three levels of stress they are experiencing;

High:   The sophomores and freshmen who are being recruited and are looking to be a “starter” on this year’s team.

Medium:  Freshmen qualifiers who are being recruited and six or seven players both sophomores and freshmen who are working hard to learn the system and maximize their playing time this year.

Low:  Freshmen who who know they are going to red/grey shirt this year.  There still is stress but they know they have the time improve.

The AVC starters this year preparing for their games, will have some brutal talent to play against on their own team.  AVC is deep.   As many AVC players say, “Practice is tougher than the games.”


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