Jamboree Shows AVC Needs Some Work on Shooting

Posted: September 21, 2016 in AVC Men's Basketball, AVC Men's BB 2016-17, Fall Shootout

The following are the AVC team shooting statistics for the four games that AVC participated in this weekend.  The Table matches percentages of AVC verses the top D-1 team in the nation for the 2015-16 year(data from NCAA).

FG% 50% 50% St. Mary’s
3-FG% 34% 43% Michigan State
FT% 77% 79% Connecticut


FG% Overall

I believe that Coach Taylor would be satisfied with a 50% overall shooting percentage for the 2016-18 season.  That would mean that the players were making good decision on shots and making easy shots like dunks in the paint.


With the players AVC have this year, 40% overall 3 points shooting should be an attainable goal.  Work to be done here.

Free Throw Shooting %

Again, a 77% free throw shooting percentage is darn good but with AVC’s team make up including the four Bigs who are good FT shooters, 80% overall for the year is an attainable goal.  A few more mades and you would have your goal.

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