One Heck of a Start for AVC “New Crew”, Mira Costa Win

Posted: September 18, 2016 in AVC Men's BB 2016-17, Fall Shootout, Player

With only one AVC player(Cory Dollarhide) with any playing time from last year’s 25-7 elite 8 team, and of the 12 current players, 7 are freshmen, I was expecting a “breaking in” period for the team.  So far, if this is the breaking in period bring on some more!

Although I was unable to attend the games, the information I received is from fans and observers as

well as from the box score…sent from the coaching staff, three things stood out in the  game;

  1. Intensive pressure defense.  AVC had 10 steals steals in the game.
  2. The front court was dominate in the with Ace Warren, 6’10”, 265 and Jailen Gill, 6’7”, 225 ripping down rebounds and protecting the rim.
  3. AVC is very deep talent-wise at all positionsThe coaching staff played all 12 players.

AVC 64  Mira Costa 50

Antelope Valley College will be playing in the Mira Costa Tournament in the Pre-Conference season and I believe both teams wanted to have a preview of the other team’s talent.  Mira Costa came out red hot from beyond the arc in the first half and led AVC by two points.

The second half was a second different story where AVC’s defense became more serious and defense led to AVC offense as well.  AVC won going away by 14 points.

Scoring/defense was led by three freshmen guards and two sophomore “Bigs.”

  1. “Dee” Mauria, 6’4”, 190, Freshman,  12 ppg, 4 steals
  2. Myles Wise, 6’3”, 180, Freshman, 11 ppg, 3 steals
  3. Chris Soltis, 6’2”, 180, Freshmen, 10 ppg
  4. “Ace” Warren 6’10”, 265, Sophomore, 9 ppg, 4 rpg
  5. Jaiilen Gill, 6’7”, 225, Sophomore, 4 ppg, 6 rpg


AVC got over its “butterflies” and was looking forward to a perennial NoCal power, College of the Sequoias.

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