Missing Fall JUCO Tournament and More

Posted: September 16, 2016 in AVC Men's Basketball

imageWhen I planned our trip to Salzburg, Austria 6+ months ago, I double checked when the JUCO Fall Shootout had been in 2015 to make sure I would not be on the road when the 2016 tournament was being played.   I made the reservations and of course the organizer of the tournament changed the weekend.

Oh well, I will have to follow it from about 6000 miles away.  Just a reminder here is the schedule for the Fall Shootout. 


Sept 17, Sat 1:40 pm 3 AVC Mira Costa
Sept 17, Sat 4:00 1 AVC College of Sequoias
Sept 18, Sun 1:40 pm 3 LA  Pierce AVC
Sept 18, Sun 4:00 pm 2 Cerritos AVC

Now about the team as it stands today;  Because they are so young, 10 freshmen, they are just learning to play together.  They will be very Coach Taylor

difficult to handle down the way when they integrate their skill sets.

Talking of team skill sets,  the team is much bigger and more talented in the front court.  6’10, 6’8”, 6’8”, 6’7”.  If teams packs the middle defensively, three of four of the Bigs can shoot mid-range shots consistently OR kick the ball back out to the wings/guards.  Speaking of wings and guards.  AVC’s over-all long range shooting ability is better than last year’s 25-7 team that relied on long range shooting.  Bottom line, the most important thing is integrating the team and teaching them their roles.  Finally, DEFENSE!!!! The players who get the most playing time are those who play the best defense both individually and team. 

Wrapping it up from 6000 miles away, this weekend will be a real learning experience for the players and the coaches will see how the rotations best play together. 

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