Getting Skinny, Learning as a Freshman and You Were Warned

Posted: September 7, 2016 in Academics, AVC Men's BB 2016-17, Conditioning

Will Harold13Five of the hardest basketball days of their life ended Friday and now the AVC Basketball team’s has just finished a relaxing three day weekend. Now, are they ready for week two? 

Just before the workout began heard the guys complaining about the three day weekend.  “Too d…m long.”  Don’t know if they were complaining about missing a day of classes or workouts. They were all here and raring to go today. 

Getting Skinny

ace...weightI need a set of new glasses.  Big, tall man walked into gym about 30 minutes before workout.  Waved at me.  Which one of the five Bigs is that?  He headed over to say hi.  I’ll be, it is Ace Warren, he must be down to 250 on hisJessie Burns3 6’10” frame.  Jessie Burns, 6’8” rolled in early this summer some where around 280.  He is a block of a man.  He is just a massive person.  My guess he is down to 265.  I believe that 250 is his ideal weight without cutting into his muscle, skin and bones.   

Freshman Phenomenon

Miles WiseWith 12 freshman on the floor, its interesting to watch who is picking up the college game.

Some are far ahead than others.  A year playing college basketball sure makes a huge difference over the freshmen just out of high school.

You Were Warned!

Image result for tired runner clip art“Gentlemen!  Let me make it clear.”  “We are serious about academics  here at AVC.”  “When you are in class, front row, no cell phones.” No names will be mentioned but one of AVC players must not have taken it seriously as he had to run “suicides” in front of team mates until he…oh we will leave that out.  He was was being cheered on by his teammates all the way.  A good learning experience for all. 


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