“Save the Rims”…AVC’s Five Basket-Bashers

Posted: September 1, 2016 in AVC Men's Basketball, AVC Men's BB 2016-17, Humor, Player


It used to be “Save the Whales” and remember the “Tree Huggers” up in the forests?  Now it looks there is a new “save” campaign underway at Antelope Valley College, “Save the Rims.”  There hasn’t been any protest marches yet.

After playing last year…and winning 25 games… with only guards, using one of them as a 6’4” post player, it feels good to see one side of court in workouts this year populated by some big strong athletic players.  A half a ton +.

Ace Warren 6’10” 265
Jessie Burns 6’8” 270
William Harold 6’8” 200
Jailen Gill 6’7” 225
John Hamilton 6’6” 200

Its nice to have five “rim protectors”, rebound and dunk specialists to go with your great outside shooters and slashers. 

Couple of things to think about though, gotta keep them healthy, two of the five are young and inexperienced.  Finally the coaching staff has had to “limit” the dunks in workouts to save the rims and back boards.


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