Frustration Showing About Cal State U Long Beach BB Schedule

Posted: August 31, 2016 in Schedule

imageLong Beach Pro Says:

“Cal Tech, CSLA & The Master’s? The two "real" home games are Pepperdine & Colorado State. I guess the local YMCA couldn’t scare up enough players or there’d be yet another "tomato can" game mixed in! What a joke! The Beach will win very few of these non-conference road contests, so, don’t expect much this season. Even capturing the AQ/winning the BW tourney will mean no better than a 14 seed.”

Lets hope the frustration my resident expert on Long Beach State is feeling about CSULB’s schedule is over-reaction but, he is usually right about Long Beach State Basketball.  I think the scheduling of D-3 Cal Tech for “home coming” pushed him over the edge this year.


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