The Year of “No Excuses”

Posted: August 23, 2016 in AVC Men's Basketball, AVC Men's BB 2016-17

imageDay one of the 2016-17 Academic/Basketball year at Antelope Valley College.  Parking was a pain!(not quite this bad.  Looked to me like all of the lots were full.  Pretty much one could say the same about the classrooms.  With that said, there were 19 basketball players that have signed up for classes this semester.  I will be putting out detailed articles on the players in the next several weeks but today I will be giving my initial evaluation of the team to date.

Of course, as all readers of this blog know, only 15 players can make the team.  Additionally, most years, the number that make the team is usually smaller than that.  Let say 13 is the usual team size.

With that in mind, lets take a look at the team’s over all balance;


6’10”, 265 Center 1 So
6’8”, 270 Center 1 Fr
6’8”, 200 PF 1 Fr
6’7”, 225 PF 1 So
6’6”, 195 PF 1 Fr
6’5”, 200 SF 1 Fr
6’4”, 200 SF/SG 1 Fr
6’4”, 200 SF 1 So
6’4”, 200 SG, PG 1` Fr
6’4”, 180 SG 1 Fr
6’3”, 180 SG, PG 1 Fr
6’2’’, 180 SG 1 Fr
6’2”, 170 SG 1 Fr
6’1”, 180 PG/SG 1 So
5’11”,180 SG/PG 1 So
5’9”, 175 PG 1 So

imageThe team has good size and experienced in the front court;  two centers and two power forwards.  AVC runs with three shooting forwards, eight shooting guards and four point guards.  Each position also has experienced sophomores players as well. 

Now, can we keep all of the players healthy, in the mandatory study halls, attending all classes and integrating into a team that is loaded with talent?  Gonna enjoy watching this one coming together. 

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