Work Ethic, Maturity, Team Chemistry and Academics; Love JUCO Basketball

Posted: August 10, 2016 in AVC Men's Basketball, AVC Men's BB 2016-17, Coaches, Summer Workouts

Its really tough to keep the news on JUCO basketball rolling out during the Olympics, the Dodger’s run to first place with all of their starting pitchers injured, Puig teaching the AAA Ok team how to party and the AVC players wrapping up summer classes and visiting their families for the last time before classes start on 22 August 2016.

I have a list of players that are looking to be Marauders this year AVC;

  1. Three players 6’8”-6’10
  2. Four players 6’5”-6’7”
  3. Six players 6’3”-6’4”
  4. Five players 5’9”-6’2”

As we all know, although we are are getting closer to knowing what this year’s team will look like, things change as this is JUCO.  For example, last year AVC looked to have one of the biggest team in the state.  Season ending Injuries, early transfers to Universities and personal reasons etc etc etc.  left AVC with a 6’4” post player and an all guard team.  Didn’t stop  Coach Taylor from winning 25 games and making the Elite 8 in the State playoffs.  May have been his best coaching year in his long career. 

On paper, I like that balance and size of the team.  The depth at every position is deep as usual.  On thing that really looks special to me is the level of basketball talent the team possesses. 

With only two players with any minutes in the AVC system from last year, Cory Dollarhide, 5’11, 180 and KeShaun Mack, 6’4", 200,  the AVC coaching staff is going to have to put together a nearly complete new team.  Should be fun to watch that occur. 

With that said, AVC may have the most brutal pre-conference schedule in Cal JUCO.  That should prepare them for the conference and state playoffs.  More on that later. 

Knowing the team members talent level and size, the most important things that will determine how successful they will be is their;  maturity, work ethic, academics and team chemistry.  Love JUCO basketball.

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