AVC’s Reggie Arnold Joins AGOR in the A-1 Greek League

Posted: August 4, 2016 in AVC Men's Basketball, AVC Men's BB 2016-17, Player, Professionals


For five straight summers, Robert “Reggie” Arnold, 6’6” 210 shooting guard who graduated from Antelope Valley College(Lancaster HS) has come home from Europe..  After receiving a full ride to Boise State University where he led them  to an NCAA national tournament, he has played five years in professional basketball in Europe;  Austria(two years), Finland(two years) and Belgium(one year). 

Reggie let me know that he now has reached one of his goals;  signing with the A-1 level AGO Rethymno Aegean team.  The Greek League has been one of the most competitive basketball leagues in Europe through the years, and it was widely regarded as the second best national domestic league in the world, after only the NBA.  It currently ranks among the best national domestic leagues in the world (excluding the NBA), such as Liga ACB in Spain and VTB United League (counts as the domestic league for Russian clubs).


Not only is he an outstanding basketball player but a very smart fiscal man too.   The average players in the A1 teams in the Greek league are thought to make $250,000.  Reggie knows full well that his career is short and he would like to be able to work where and when he wishes after he retires from the professional basketball life. 

The Antelope Valley College basketball team is truly blessed to not only meet but get to know many of the 16 professional basketball players that have matriculated from the college.  With elite pro players like Reggie Arnold from the Greek league and Dewayne Dedmon for the NBA Spurs in the Valley in the summer, where the AVC players can question and be in the gym with them, I believe they have a better chance to succeed in their goals.

Congratulations and thanks Reggie.



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