Hype, Talent, Academics = University Scholarship

Posted: July 26, 2016 in AVC Men's Basketball, AVC Men's BB 2016-17, Recruitment

I saw the following statement tweeted yesterday.

“If your player is good he doesn’t need a hype man in the background letting everyone else know how good his is.”

imageI do not agree.  JUCO basketball players need as much hype as they possibly can get.  They are not on TV, in the newspaper, or on the big money websites.  For one reason or another, the JUCO players did not receive that coveted university scholarship out of high school and often fade away for the minds of university coaches. 

There are three general types of “hype men/women” for JUCO players;

Private Recruiters/Scouts:  These are people who work hard in a number of ways to sell JUCO players to universities.  Although this hype is done for money, not a bad thing if it works.  

Coaches:  Part of the job of a successful JUCO coach, get those players placed with a scholarship.  The most important part of a coaches job.  Winning programs with academics place their players with scholarships.   Key in this process is to get the player a ride at the right level so they can be successful. 

Fan Websites:  These are ‘volunteers who bring out as much information on JUCO players as they can(usually via social media).  Most do it just for the joy of seeing players succeed.  No fiscal compensation here its done for the love of the game. 

The biggest disfavor one can do to JUCO players is not to get player’s name and skill set out there in front of university coaches.  If you call that hype then it’s a great thing.







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