Great Las Vegas JUCO Tournament for AVC’s Six Sophomores

Posted: July 25, 2016 in AVC Men's Basketball, AVC Men's BB 2016-17, Las Vegas Shootout, Player

Six sophomores invited to the Elite 80 JUCO Tournament was a record for the AVC program. They showed why they were invited and put on a show for the 200 + university coaches.  Great way to move up on the scholarship radar.  Here is a final review of the team:

Anton "Ace" Warren, 6’10", 265

ACE stuff

Leading the “AVC elite six” with a All-Star selection and four outstanding games.  There are some drooling university coaches looking at the big man.

Charles "Scooter" Hall, 6’2", 190

Charles Hall Summer

I know that as an AVC  fan I am biased writer, but in his last two games in the tournament this was one of the All-star point guards.

Jailen Gill, 6’7", 225

Jailen Gill1

Playing at a self-professed 70%, with a quadriceps injury, this guy is going to to playing University basketball next year after scoring in double figures with 5 rebounds in his three games.   

KeShaun Mack, 6’4", 200

Keshaun Mack Fouled

Three weeks off the court showed in KeShaun’s game.  He show flashes of his talent that he possesses and watch this guy as he is a real talent on the floor. 

Cory Dollarhide, 5’11, 180


Cory had three solid games playing out of his position.  A dean’s list student athlete will be heading to university basketball next year.

Reggie Byers, 5’9", 180

Reggie Byers3

He really got some ooh and aah’s from the university coaches.  A game changing point guard that moved up fast in university interest this weekend.  A special player.

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