Wrap Up of the Summer JUCO Shootout 2016-17

Posted: July 17, 2016 in AVC Men's Basketball, AVC Men's BB 2016-17, Summer Tournament

It was a successful JUCO Shootout for everyone involved this year.

The teams learned the strength and weakness of the the players they brought to the dance. 

The university coaches took they first look at JUCO players from SoCal teams.  A moderate amount of university coaches this year…my guess at any time 30-50ish or so.

The operator did well as the stands were full with $12.00 a day fans, 36 paying teams and the university coaches who all put their money on table.

From the scuttlebutt floating around, the drive to Cerritos from anywhere was brutal.  I stayed overnight and the hotel over looks the beautiful 5 freeway.  On Friday night at midnight the freeway speed both ways was around 10 mph.  The billions of tax dollars we’ve paid for “rapid transit” hasn’t worked so well has it.

The current Antelope Valley team had a successful four games with a 3-1 record.

Merritt  42  AVC 32

Sierra 40  AVC 60

LA Trade Tech 68  AVC 80

LA Harbor 46   AVC 53

AVC got to play four talented teams that are going to win lots of games this year.  AVC’s freshman, medical red-shirts from last year and new players all got to play and now have an idea how hard they are going to have to work to get playing time on the team.  I liked the balance of the team and after their first game jitters, their teamwork and talent. 

Finally, I heard all kinds of stories why so many of the better teams who usually play at the shootout didn’t show this year.

  1. Cost too much
  2. Mad at the shootout operator
  3. Not enough good university scouts for the time and money
  4. Many of the teams are sending their sophomores to the Vegas Elite 80 Shootouts the coming weekend.
  5. The teams have not put together  teams yet that they wish to show and did not want to be embarrassed playing other good teams.

Who the heck knows.  You choose.  Fun weekend. 





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