AVC Fielded “Two Teams” Yesterday

Posted: July 16, 2016 in AVC Men's Basketball, AVC Men's BB 2016-17, Summer Tournament

Cory Dollarhide 4 point playWhen the buses left yesterday from the Antelope Valley heading for the JUCO Summer Shootout in Cerritos it was was loaded with a bunch of “Rookies.”  Talented rookies but with only one player with playing time in a game for Antelope Valley;  Cory Dollarhide their 6th man who led them in scoring last year. 

The coaching staff knew the rest of the team members of had talent but, wondered how they would play together as a team especially against two of Northern California’s perennial “big dogs”, Merritt College and Sierra College.

The drive from AVC to Cerritos was brutal to say the least!  Turned over cars on the freeways and the team arrived just a few minutes before tip off against Merritt. As expected, the bus unloaded two teams, the team who played Merritt Collage and the team who played Sierra College.

Merritt Collage  42  AVC 32

ACE stuffThe team did not rebound well, shot horribly from the outside and turned the ball over.  Other than that, they stayed with what could be the best team in the tournament until the last couple of minutes.  In fact AVC led in the second half. 

If I had to pick one player who was far from perfect but was the most consistent and played well within himself, it was Antone “Ace” Warren, 6’10, 265.  The man will be a force this year. 

Sierra College 40  AVC 60

When the “new” AVC entered the court against another NorCal power house Sierra, they exploded with a 11-0 rush and never looked back.  I am not sure what the coaching staff had to say after the Merritt game but it probably was not “ Now men, you need to play a little harder and in control.”

Reggie Byers3I think every player was embarrassed and was full of controlled anger.  I could say something positive about every player on the AVC team in the run away against  Sierra.  Intensity on both ends of the court, great shooting, rebounding and took care of the ball.  Just the opposite of the Merritt game. 

If I had to pick out one player in this game that brought a smile to every coach, AVC player, and fans face, it has to be PG Reggie Byers, 5’9” 180 who was absolutely explosive on both ends of the court.  Feeding the AVC teams for easy buckets and playing shut down defense.  Special night for Reggie who I have not had time to introduce to you yet.  More on the “rocket” later.

Today is another day as AVC  is taking on two talented SoCal teams;  3 pm  LA Trade Tech and 5 pm  5 pm LA Harbor.  Which team will show up today?  Time will tell.  Stay tuned. 

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