Cory Dollarhide, 5’11”, 180 Guard, Sophomore

Posted: July 6, 2016 in D1


Everyone knew Cory Dollarhide could shoot the lights out with the basketball from beyond the arc.  No on expected him to be one of the leaders as a freshman that rolled deep into the state playoffs(elite 8) and put up a 25-7 record.  Averaging 10.5 ppg shooting a red hot 42.3% beyond the arc and 95.7% from the free throw line.  The home crowd roared when the Cory came into the game as the 6th man. 

Cory arrived at AVC very late in the summer of the 2014-15 from Inglewood HS and was behind the sophomore dominated team at AVC in system knowledge and physicality.  Even with all of his potential,  Cory and the AVC coaching staff decided to have him red-shirt.

Although Cory had the grades to move directly to the University level, he missed on his SAT score.  His goal was to play D-1 ball and get a scholarship and ultimately play at highest level possible. 

It turned out to be a great red-shirt year for Cory Dollarhide.  He took his academics seriously.  Cory never missed a practice.  He gained 15 pounds of muscle in the weight room.  Very bright young man who has learned the AVC system.  Finally, a deadly long range shooter, a much improved defender and ball-handler, an “Inglewood” tough guy and a quiet leader.  Expect great things from Cory  in his sophomore year.

Currently Cory is a  Communications major, and after his basketball career ends, he would like to be a sportscaster.

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