Big, Fast, Cut and Shoot the Lights Out…But Will They be a Team?

Posted: June 30, 2016 in AVC Men's Basketball, AVC Men's BB 2016-17, Summer Tournament

This post is to answer the AVC fans who have been calling and asking how good the basketball team is going to be this year.  Its really much too early to make any decision on how good the team will be but, I am getting inklings that they might be pretty competitive down the line.

What we know is that the coaching staff has done a great job in recruiting talented individuals.    What we don’t know yet is whether these individuals can be molded into a team that accept their roles and play their hearts out on defense. 

From last year’s 25-7 team that made it to the elite 8 in the state playoffs,  only two “starters” are returning along with two injury red-shirt players now healthy.   There are a lot of open slots for new talent

A high school team came to watch the AVC players running the sprints and the mile on the track.  Pounding out the reps in the weight room.  Watching the team on the floor training.  So what were their thoughts about the AVC players?

  1. They are really big!
  2. They all can dunk! Even the the point guards!
  3. Did you see that pass!
  4. They are so fast!
  5. They must live in the weight room.
  6.   Boy can they shoot!

We will get a peek at the team’s potential at the four games at the the Summer Shootout at Cerritos on Saturday and Sunday, July 16,17.  As soon as I get the game schedule, I will post it on the website. 

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