Death of Mid-Range…Here Comes the 4-Pointer?

Posted: May 21, 2016 in AVC Men's Basketball, AVC Men's BB 2016-17

I was rolling through “net” this morning and found an article about the changes occurring in basketball.

  • The “little guys” are back.
  • Mid-range shooting has died.
  • Shooters are back in.
  • The 4-pointers is on the way?

In the The Comback article, Larry Bird had some thoughts about basketball today.

“It’s funny how the game has changed,” Bird continued. “And my thinking about it. I was really worried — back sixteen, seventeen years ago — that the little guy didn’t have a spot in the NBA anymore: it was just going to be the big guards like Magic Johnson. But then players started shooting more threes and spacing the court, and everyone wants small guards now. Watching these kids play now, I’m like everybody else: Wow, man. They can really shoot! They have more freedom to get to the basket. The ball moves a little better. These kids are shooting from farther, with more accuracy. Now some teams shoot up around thirty threes a game. My era, you always think that’s the greatest era. But I’m not so sure anymore.”

While Larry Bird seems to enjoy the way the NBA is trending, one of the NBA’s most lethal shooters in the past 30 years doesn’t, oddly enough.

“Kids aren’t working on that ten-footer anymore,” Miller said. “Or that fifteen-footer, eighteen-footer. Everything is either a lay-up in the paint, a free throw, or a three. Where is the mid-range game? It’s gone.”

The four-point line may be coming soon, just like ads on jerseys, and the ardent supporters of the game the way it is might have to come around.

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