Joseph Moore Signs With West Georgia University…The Man With the Tools

Posted: May 12, 2016 in AVC Men's Basketball, AVC Men's BB 2015-16, AVC Men's BB 2016-17, D-2

The crowd in the AVC basketball gym gathered around Joseph Moorer to congratulation him on his full ride scholarship to one of the top basketball and academic D-2 universities, West Georgia. 


It brought back memories when “JJ” first arrived at Antelope Valley College.  He was well known throughout the college basketball world as an outstanding player that could take a team on this back and carry it to a win.  He also came to AVC “out of balance” with his academics. 


Head coach John Taylor and his coaching and academic staff put together a plan to get Moorer’s balance back in place.  This included sitting out one year to dedicate himself to academics before he joined the AVC basketball team.  JJ stepped up to the challenge academically and led AVC to the elite 8 in the state this year and 25 wins. 

I got to know Joseph over the last two years and have seen a solid growth not only in basketball but in his judgment and decision-making.  During one conversation I had with Moorer he said, “The most important thing I learned at AVC was to become a team player.”  “I was always the man before but in Coach Taylor’s system which plays 10 or 11 players, I learned that to win I had to be a team player.” “I also leaned to take advantage of every second I was on the floor at AVC.”

Congratulations to Joseph Moorer on his scholarship but more importantly on the man he has become.  I wouldn’t bet against JJ on anything he sets his mind to.  He now has all the tools he needs to succeed.

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