Additional Way to do Stats …Playing Deep verses Shallow

Posted: May 7, 2016 in AVC Men's Basketball, AVC Men's BB 2016-17

Things are constantly changing in basketball.  Small Ball is one of the changes and I have noticed that another change;  the best teams are playing deep talented line ups.  Top teams like Antelope Valley, San Francisco City, and Fresno City etc. are now playing 10-12 players every game.  Nineteen minutes a game is a starter.  Few players who make the team sit on the pine.  They are there to play.

In the past and even now, most (shallow teams) play seven players…usually up to  30 minutes per game.  These shallow team players statistics per game usually look good with all those minutes in comparison to the “deep team” player. 

There seems to be a better way to do statistics that gives a clear and fair way to evaluate players.  Lets look at doing the stats for players not only “Stats per Game” but also “Stats per 40 Minutes.” 

Here is an example of what states look like using “Stats per Game” but also “Stats per 40 Minutes.”

AVC 2015-16 Top Five Players Minutes

Name M/G PPG PP40M
Joseph Moorer 19.3 12.7 26.3
Chris Martin 19.2 10.0 20.08
Jalen Etienne 19.0 9.8 20.6
Cory Dollarhide 15.5 10.5 27.9
Nevel Leonard 14.0 6.8 19.4

Saddleback 2015-16 Top Five Players Minutes

TJ Shorts 30.3 12.3 16.2
Josh Mishler 25.7 5.6 8.7
Devone Klines 23.0 7.2 12.5
Lyle Hexom 18.9 10.9 23.1
Maurice Jones 18.1 8.1 17.9

It looks as if the deep team players get used to taking better advantage of the minutes they get on the floor.

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