Back to Work at AVC…D-1 Impact JUCO Players From Cali

Posted: April 11, 2016 in AVC Men's BB 2015-16, D-3, Rebounding

The players at AVC are back to work at AVC after Easter break.  The final push academically to get those AA degree’s for the sophomores and the freshman looking to finish their classes with the highest GPA possible. 

According to Hoopniks Website, California had two of the top 25 impact JUCO players this past year.  Both players have committed to a D-1 team from their NoCal teams:

Jalen Canty, 6′-8″, 245 PF, City College of SF (CA), UC Santa Barbara.

Emmanuel Malou, 6′-9″, SF, Yuba College (CA), Iowa State

Both are rebound machines(each averaged 9 per game) and look to have  a clear role on  their new teams. 

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