Thoughts on End of 2015-16 Season

Posted: April 5, 2016 in AVC Men's Basketball, AVC Men's BB 2015-16, AVC Men's BB 2016-17

Shooting overcame size and depth in final game of the season.

Now will the NCAA really have the guts to drop the hammer on North Carolina?  Roy Williams Says "No"

HOUSTON — He offered that it was only a “personal opinion,” so there may be no particular reason to overreact to Roy Williams’ statement to ESPN reporter Andy Katz that he believes the University of North Carolina basketball program will not be hit by NCAA sanctions.

That would mean, if he is correct, that at the conclusion of the NCAA investigation into academic irregularities at UNC, the Tar Heels would not face any of the coach suspensions that have become common among NCAA punishments, not deal with any roster restrictions and, most importantly, not be restricted from postseason play at any time in the future.

If he is correct, fans of North Carolina’s regional rivals and other schools competing for elite recruits and NCAA Tournament glory are going to go berserk.

And it is quite possible such a result would be a devastating blow to the very structure of the NCAA justice system.

AVC is finishing up its Spring break this week then back to work in the classroom and the floor.  New players on the way, returning players getting better and finishing placing graduating sophomores.

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