Giving to Get; Joseph JJ Moorer Looking at University Level Next Year

Posted: March 21, 2016 in AVC Men's Basketball, AVC Men's BB 2015-16, Player, Recruitment

JJ Moorer jumper


Mr. Do-It-All Joseph JJ Moorer  played the shooting guard and point guard and led his Vegas team in scoring and leadership in the Summer Shootout.  He was “The Man.”  Joseph was invited the All-American Tournament-Elite 80 in Las Vegas to play against to top JUCO players in the Western US.  Moorer had over 150 University coaches watching him and boy did he give them a show!  His three games were so good…20+ ppg…played the point and the shooting guard…that he was named to the All-star team for the tournament.  Outstanding performance!  There is line outside of his recruiting door.Joseph-JJ-Moorer.jpg

An explosive player both on the offensive and defensive end and now must make a decision where he is going to play his university basketball.  AVC seldom played a basketball game without a group of coaches scouting him.

“I learned a lot this year.” “I learned that with all of the injuries we had, to win(26-7, SoCal Final Four) I had to give up some of my game, said Moorer.”  “It was worth it.”

Joseph won a number of awards this year;

  1. Top Twenty Player in All-American Elite 80 Tournament, Los Vegas
  2. First Team All-Conference
  3. Top 100 JUCO Players in California
  4. Ventura Tournament MVP
  5. AVC Tournament MVP

JJ’s grades are solid and he is ready for the next level.

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