Thoughts on Playoff Basketball…JUCO and D-1

Posted: March 12, 2016 in AVC Men's Basketball, AVC Men's BB 2015-16, D1, Player, Playoffs

The final four JUCO State Tournament begins today. 

  1. San Francisco verses Chaffey
  2. Saddleback verses Fresno City

Every team in the final four have a solid point guard and three of the four…except Chaffey, has 6’9”+ players that are skilled enough against most teams to dominate the paint offensively and defensively.  Chaffey has a 6’7” player that is an undersize guy with big guys skills. 

Most experts say the “grinder” style of play of Saddleback make them a favorite but some lean toward San Francisco who is deeper talent-wise and just as big.  One never can say however with two three and dunk teams…Chaffey and Fresno City…with solid Bigs and great shooting in the mix.

Should be a great tournament.  I am really impressed that AVC got as far as it did with the loss of all of of its five Bigs this year to injuries/etc.  As they say, “Just wait till next year.” 



I attended and the first round of the “Big West” Tournament at the Pond the other day.  It was fun watching in person the D-1 level of basketball this late in the year.  Even though my alma mater is Cal State Long Beach, it looked to me in the first round that the size and outstanding shooting of the two guard Nelson put Irvine on the way to the Big Dance.  Didn’t workout that way as undersized Long Beach upset them last night and now take on Cinderella Hawaii team for the NCAA Tournament bid.

Long Beach’s strength over Irvine was their rocket fast 5’8”sophomore  point guard  Justin Bibbins who ate them alive.  The coaching staff of Long Beach nearly had an heart attack when the PG rolled an ankle last night.  Without Bibbins it would have been over.  Looking ahead to next year for Long Beach, you need an experienced point guard that is just a quick on both ends and bigger and will push Justin in his junior and senior year.  Got the guy for you coach…although I not sure he will would be will willing to take on that role.  Worth a look though. 

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