Looking Back 2015-16 Year…Part I-Overview

Posted: March 8, 2016 in AVC Men's Basketball, AVC Men's BB 2015-16
  • 25-7 Record
  • 12-0 at home
  • Home crowds break records
  • Three pre-conference tournament championships
  • Final four in SoCal State Tournament playoff
  • $14,347 fund raising in Coaches for Cancer
  • Second place in toughest conference in state(four teams in State playoffs)
  • Three first team conference players

The sky opened up in the high desert yesterday morning.  Looks like the 95% chance prediction of the El Nino has finally occurred.  I decided it was time to do a “look back” at the 2015-16 team and make some sense on a record breaking season.image(photo AV Press)


The Antelope Valley College men’s basketball team had more injuries this season than I can remember in the the 15+ years I have been following the basketball team. The unique and painful part of the injuries/losses was that the majority were to the teams power forwards/post players.

  1. Post Player…6’10”, 265  Broken hand…surgery.
  2. Post Player…6’9”, 235, Left Basketball/Knee Injuries/surgeries
  3. Post Player…6’8, 215, Left team academics
  4. Power Forward…6’6”, 235, Family issues/academics
  5. Power Forward, 6’5”, 255, Knee Injury, Surgery
  6. Combo Guard 6’3”, 180, Broken Wrist, Surgery


It was unique to watch the AVC coaching staff look at each other after all off their front court went down to injuries.  You plan to play a style of basketball which highlights one of the biggest teams in California.  Pound the ball into the middle, dominate the paint, out rebound everybody and play the “grinder” style of basketball with depth at every position.

Instead, the coaching staff ending up with only guards and wings left, had to rebuild the team on the fly to a all guard quick team.  You had to start five guards, 6’4” at the post, 6’4”, at the power forward, 6’3” at the wing, 6’1” at the shooting guard and 5’10” at the point.  There was only so much the coaching staff could do with a team of this size in retraining guards to be post players and power forwards in a couple of months.  However, change they did. 

PART II…Summer, Pre-Conference Season

PART III…Conference, State Playoffs

PART IV…Future

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