AVC’s Basketball Team Prepared. Need Win Over Chaffey in Finals…Photo Book

Posted: March 5, 2016 in AVC Men's Basketball, AVC Men's BB 2015-16, Playoffs

AVC will be playing Chaffey College on the road tonight at 7 p.m.    The remaining ten players are healthy, confident, and as prepared as a team can be for their biggest game of the season.  They need this win to play in the State Tournament in Northern California. 

The team ended their preparation yesterday watching video of Chaffey’s win over Fullerton.  The coaching staff didn’t have much to say as all have been said in the last two days on the practice floor.  On the other hand, the team members, munching on burgers and fries, quietly commented among each other and were reiterating what needed to be done tonight.  With 25 wins under their belts, all ten players know they will be playing serious minutes tonight, this team does a lot self coaching.  Add to that, this team has grown very close during the mid-season rebuilding process.  It looks like AVC has peaked at just at the right time. 

AVC and Chaffey have very similar records;

AVC 25-6 #15 #4
Chaffey 24-6 #5 #3

AVC enters the game with five straight wins and Chaffey with three.  Should be a great game and as usual, it will come to defense.   Come early. A big crowd is expected. 

The following photo book is from David Nurse, photographer on state semi final playoff win against Citrus College.

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