Tears, Trust and Toughness

Posted: March 4, 2016 in AVC Men's Basketball, AVC Men's BB 2015-16, Player, Playoffs

When she was told what an exceptional young man her son was on the Antelope Valley College team, tears of pride welled up in her eyes.  She was so proud on how well he has done at AVC and the level of dedication he had shown on the basketball floor, in the academics arena and in the work world.  She especially liked to hear that her son often would beat the head coach into the gym early in the morning and would be working on his skills.

Antelope Valley is one game away from the State Tournament because of a group of players that believe in themselves, their team-mates and their coaching staff. They started the year with one of the biggest teams in the state that was expected to grind out win after win.  Now due to a season of catastrophic injuries/losses of their big players, the team rebuilt itself as the season progressed.  It was tough going from Coaches poll ranking of #1 in the state early in the season(13-0), to unranked in the last 3 weeks of the season.   The team had to learn to succeed playing as one of the smallest teams in the state. 

So how did that work?  The following table shows that all ten remaining team members must play 100% every minute they get, must score, must rebound and play defense.  They have learned to give up individual glory for the good of the team and get back to winning.  25-6, five wins in a row. 

Jalen Entienne 3 12 24
Cory Dollarhide 3 12 24
Izayah Doyle 7 7 23
Brandon Wade 4 7 22
Chris Martin 2 8 19
KJ Moffitt 3 5 19
Greg Wesley 2 13 19
JJ Moorer 1 5 18
Nevel Lenard 6 16 16
KeShaun Mack 3 11 16


FINAL SCORE…AVC 96 CITRUS 86…Sweet 16 playoff game. 

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