The New AVC Team…Smart Tough Runts

Posted: February 29, 2016 in AVC Men's Basketball, AVC Men's BB 2015-16, Playoffs

Cory DollarhideInjuries have played a big role in AVC’s season this year. All five of their big men are out for the year and all AVC has left is basically 10 guards.  In the middle of the season, the coaching staff and team had to rebuild a new team based on speed, unselfishness, shooting and physicality.

The team metamorphosis led to a group of players who play every minute at 110%.  Every player is a rebounder, a shooter, and a KJ Moffittdefensive leader.  The box score minutes of AVC’s 24th win against San Diego City in the State Playoffs is a good example of the “new” AVC team basketball.

Joseph JJ Moorer 25
Cory Dollarhide 25
Nevell Lenard 22
Chris Martin 22
Kenneth KJ Moffett 22
Brandon Wade 20
KeShaun Mack 18
Greg Westley 16
Jalen Enteinne 16
Izayah Doyle 15


Isayha Doyle

Can the AVC tough runts keep their run going against the bigger, stronger Citrus team on Wednesday?  They were out on the floor on Sunday morning at 8 A.M. going 110% getting ready.  Be at AVC on Wednesday and see!

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