Home Sweet Home Again…Two Birthday Gifts for Coach Mike

Posted: February 28, 2016 in AVC Men's Basketball, AVC Men's BB 2015-16, Coaches, Playoffs

Celebrating a playoff win for AVC doesn’t last long for the college coaches as they headed off on Saturday night to scout their SoCal elite 8 opponent.  The #2 seed San Bernardino Valley College was home sporting a 28-2 record with their tall wide-bodies; 6’9, 6’8”, 6’8” all between 230-270.  San Bernardino had lost to only two team all year;  Chaffey and Antelope Valley College.  SBV was taking on #18 seed Citrus from the brutal Western State-South Conference. 

Although it difficult to say, it looked like both the SBV team and theirimage fans were looking ahead to Wednesday and revenge on AVC.  The tiny San Bernardino fan turnout and sluggish play by SBV in the first half was a hint of bad things to come.  San Bernardino played an exceptional second half but it wasn’t enough.  Citrus on the other hand was high energy both defensively/offensively, out rebounded the SBV giants, jacked up 32 three balls(38%) and pulled it out in overtime. 

Enough about history, lets look at what this means for AVC on  Wednesday, March 2, 2016.  AVC is at home where they are 11-0.  The coaching staff is already done celebrating their unexpected home game as they know Citrus is going to be a tough opponent for AVC.  More on that later.

To show how concerned the coaching staff is about the upcoming Wednesday evening game, they called an 8 a.m. Sunday practice.


After AVC’s playoff win on Friday 27, 2016 over San Diego City, it was time to celebrate not only AVC’s move into the SoCal elite 8 sectional, but coach Mike Rios’s birthday as well.  He pounded down his hot fudge sundae with gusto to celebrate both the big win and his birthday. 

*Little did coach Rios know he was going to get a second playoff game gift for his birthday.

Cancel you’re your Wednesday appointments.  Tell your boss you have a Doctor’s appointment in the late afternoon, call your friends to tell them about AVC’s 12th home game at 7 pm.  See you there. 


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