“SEEDING” the State Playoff Garden

Posted: February 22, 2016 in AVC Men's Basketball, AVC Men's BB 2015-16, Playoffs, Poll, Pre-Conference, Ranked teams, Ranking, RPI

imageIt is going to be an exciting day!  Its seeding day for the state playoffs.  Lets take a look at what AVC brings to the seeding table table this year.

  1. 23-6 overall record
  2. Conference record 9-5 and finished #2 in conference standing.  AVC lost early to conference champ Bakersfield and won their final game at home against Bakersfield. 
  3. AVC’s RPI ranking is #4 in SoCal and #5 Statewide behind; Saddleback, Chaffey and San Bernardino.  Only two conference champion’s RPI ranking are better than AVC; Saddleback and San Bernardino Valley.  AVC leads in RPI in the remaining SoCal conference champs including;  Mt San Jack, San Diego, ELA, Cerritos, Moorpark, Bakersfield.
  4. Ranking(Coaches Poll)(Massey Poll)  AVC’s ranking in the two main JUCO state polls are as February 22, 2016;  Coaches Poll-Unranked and Massey Poll-#12.  It is clear that AVC’s conference splits with three teams under .500, WLA 11-14, Glendale 12-14 and LA Valley 12-14 affected the coaches poll more than the AVC wins against San Bernardino(28-3), Bakersfield,(23-5), Chabot(21-8) and Moorpark(20-8).

The seeding meeting will take place this morning and I expect to know the AVC seeding sometimes about the same time I am enjoying myself at the dentist working on my root canal. 



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