Look at that New Scoreboard!

Posted: January 29, 2016 in AVC Men's Basketball, AVC Men's BB 2015-16, equipment

The old basketball scoreboards in the AVC gym has been dying since ????…ever since I starting following the Marauders…I am well into my second decade.

20160108_123627The “senior citizen” scoreboard finally died in front of a  full house of fans and VP’s this year at a AVC’s Tournament.  While the new equipment was being purchased, AVC officials dragged in football equipment into the gym so the team could play with a 30 second clock.

I appointed myself as a fan committee of one to find the new new scoreboard that would fit well into the gym.  After an exhausting evaluation processes…I found it at my alma mater, Cal State Long Beach.20151212_161007  CSLBS has two of these babies but I was willing to settle for just one.  Cost?  My guess is around $300,000.  Seems reasonable to me!  I turned in my report.  Why were they laughing?

20160128_112008Yesterday I walked in to the gym and hurray, the new scoreboard was being installed.  Guess my recommendation was rejected.  Oh scoreboard1well we have a new scoreboard and a 18-4 record!  Great year so far!  So what needs to be done next year before it dies?

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