With Two Win…16-1…AVC Sneaks Up to #8 Statewide

Posted: January 13, 2016 in AVC Men's Basketball, AVC Men's BB 2015-16, Poll

Its clear that the voters on the JUCO coaches poll weren’t impressed by AVC’s two wins.  The 4 point and 8 points wins and 16-1 record was below their expectations. 

The Massey Poll and RPI ranking based on statistics alone have been kinder to the  Marauders.  Massey has AVC at #4 state-wide and RPI ranking tied for #3 statewide. 


I took a look at some stats for the season so far.

AVC has out scored both Saddleback and San Bernardino in points per game;  AVC 80.9, SBV 79.0, Saddleback 73.1.

AVC won over SBV and did not play Saddleback.  SBV beat Saddleback.

Winning %:  AVC 94.1%, Saddleback 94.1, San Bernardino 90.9%

Points per game allowed:  AVC 70.5,  SBV 64.1, Saddleback 53.6  Aahaaa!  Finally something where AVC did not come in #1. 

See you see u at the Game tonight.

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