Part II…What Does RPI Mean…to JUCO Basketball Teams?

Posted: January 12, 2016 in AVC Men's Basketball, AVC Men's BB 2015-16, conference

The RIP(Rating Percentage Index) is used to seed teams in the state basketball playoffs.  Simple and straight forward. 

Winning against teams with high strength of schedule especially on the road is a key factor in moving your RPI up.  With that in mind, it looks as if two teams currently in the top four ranking in RPI…Saddleback, San Bernardino, East LA and AVC…have the best chance of moving up the RPI ranking.

AVC and Saddleback are playing in conferences against teams with the toughest strength of schedule and best winning percentages.  Simply, AVC and Saddleback need to win their games.  Playing and winning against better teams consistently in conference will move these two teams up the RPI chart. 

Lets project the unlikely…all four top RPI teams…win out.  It looks like the final RPI ranking would be;

  1. Saddleback
  2. AVC
  3. San Bernardino Valley
  4. East LA

Finally, I believe this article will be of great relief to “Ventura Dave” who has been so worried about AVC not playing enough teams with “strength of schedule.”  Now yVD can go to work with a happy and relieved mind.  LOL

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