Chicken/Waffles…”Bye” Tournament Over

Posted: December 12, 2015 in AVC Men's Basketball, AVC Men's BB 2015-16, D-2, D1, Player

imageHeading off to my alma mater CS Long Beach this afternoon to watch an exhibition between them and D-2 University of Tampa.  U of Tampa has one of AVC’s players this year, Zack Hollis, a 6’9”, 235 post player. 

Have a feeling this may not be competitive as Long Beach has improved this year and has played some good competition and U of Tampa has battled for wins.  It will be good to see Zack…outstanding academic player.  Heard rumor that he has powered up his team by introducing them to a certain Chicken and Waffle House. 

The Riverside Tournament is over and congratulation to Saddleback on its championship.  I had some “fun”  on my blog by calling it the Riverside “Bye” Tournament, but as usual it was a great competitive tourney.

When a number of top teams decide not to participate in the tournament…AVC, ELA, Top NoCal teams…it put Riverside tournament planners in an interesting position.  Keep it 16 teams and bring in other JUCO’s,  bring in non-competitive JV teams, change it to an eight  team bracket, or as they did, make it an 12 team bye tournament.  The problem ended up on how the tournament was set up with four teams getting a Bye round and the rest having to play an extra game to get to the championship.  Two Bye teams made it to the championship. 

All in all, it worked out and now the Riverside powers that be will have some deep thinking about how next year’s Tournament will look. 


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