Master Vrs Student…Slip Sliding?

Posted: December 10, 2015 in AVC Men's Basketball, AVC Men's BB 2015-16, Pre-Conference

Fullerton verses Saddleback  As expected the the “Bye” teams in the Riverside tournament rolled over their opponents, except San Bernardino who was still stumbling from its first loss last weekend at the AVC Tournament and missing their top guard.  Fullerton took advantage of SBVC and is now rewarded by playing Saddleback.  If you go strictly by record, Fullerton should win over Saddleback as their head coach knows every move the Saddleback team will make…former assistant coach there last year…and Saddleback was beaten by San Bernardino Valley a victim of Fullerton yesterday.  But as real basketball fans know, you can’t always go by records and Fullerton was forced to get here from the “Play In” ranks(forced to play an extra game.) 

Riverside verses Chaffey  Now as far as the second semi game, Riverside is at home, had an extra “day of rest” and had an easy opponent to get here.  Chaffey on the other hand, with an extra day off had a tough game against Mt. San Jack.  Chaffey this year has been extremely tough against top opponents but has slipped against a couple of unranked opponents.  Chaffey has already beaten Riverside this year, 101-94.

Two additional games I am interested in are;

San Bernardino verses Citrus…Will SBV pull out of it two game loss funk?

Victor Valley verses Southwestern Two teams with talent that have played a tough schedule so far.

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