Chess Game Called Coaching in JUCO Basketball

Posted: December 10, 2015 in AVC Men's Basketball, AVC Men's BB 2015-16, AVC Tournament, Coaches, Pre-Conference

If your team is not hearing what you say, put it in writing.  Coach Taylor put this in front of the team after they “jacked up a bad 3 ball” after only one pass. 

imageThe AV Press(Brian Golden) had a nice note about Coach Taylor Tuesday.  “Congratulations to the Antelope Valley College men’s basketball coach John Taylor for winning the Gregg Anderson Memorial Tournament with a thriller Sunday over the state’s top ranked team, Bernardino Valley….”  Taylor has a perfect mix of battlers and scrappers whose whole is greater than the sum of he parts.”  Add in a coach who deftly changes catalytic defenses and knows exactly the right motivational buttons to push, and another very special Marauder season could be in the making right before our eyes…”

imageSeldom do you see much written about the coaching going on in a basketball game.  You hear about the winning shot, the powerful rebounding etc. etc.  It was a joy to watch two experienced coaching staffs put on their chess moves to do everything possible pull off a win. 

AVC’s defense was shutting down their opponent early in the game and leading by 15 points.  The opponent changed imageoffenses by putting little used three ball shooter who hit 6 in a row to take them up to a 12 point lead.

AVC changing defense which led to shutting down the shooter and took advantage of his defensive weaknesses and had two dunks.  AVC went deep into its bench to bring in players that helped plug up the middle and dominate the boards.

imageThen in the battle down the stretch,  both coaches were successful in keeping their team concentrated on the win.  The final coaching work reached fruition when AVC called a timeout with 10 seconds left down one point.  Their opponent set up their best defense especially against an open shot by JJ Moorer already in 20+ territory.  AVC was setting up a open shot for Moorer of course.

imageHow did it end?   “On the floor coaching” may have help win the game for AVC.  Nevel Lenard after the time out stopped Moorer and said,  “I told Joseph (Moorer) just to shoot it with confidence and I told him to shoot it early just in case he did miss I had time to put it back.”

  It worked and AVC won.

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