First Scores of the “Have vrs Have Not” JUCO Tourney

Posted: December 8, 2015 in AVC Men's Basketball, AVC Men's BB 2015-16, Pre-Conference

When I saw the original Riverside Tournament bracket it was 16 teams as usual.  What was unusual was that four of the teams were not JUCO teams but NAIA JV teams. These teams are not competitive and it was clear that they were fill in’s for teams that decided not to play in the tournament this year.

I am not privy what happened when this bracket surfaced, I would guess the phones were ringing “off the hook” complaining about the competition.

The next bracket that surface dropped the tournament to 12 teams dropping the four JV’s.  Interestingly enough there is great competition as usual but it ended up to be a “Have and Have Not” tournament.  What do I mean by that?  Four teams were chosen to be in the “Have” bracket and get to sit out the first round and can win the tournament in only three games….Saddleback, San Bernardino, Chaffey and home team Riverside.  Time to rest up the team, scout out the competition and be ready to knock out the tired teams.

The “Have not” bracket must win 4 games to win the tournament.  The “Have Nots” are Mt. San Jacinto, Citrus, Cerritos, Fullerton, Barstow, Compton, Pierce and Pasadena. Ouch.


Here are the results of the first first two games of the “Have Nots”

Citrus 77 Barstow 76  Near shocker!

Fullerton 88  Cerritos 73  Only three more games to win it all for Fullerton.

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