Spring Basketball at Antelope Valley College…Part II

Posted: April 8, 2014 in Academics, AVC Men's Basketball, AVC Men's BB 2013-14, AVC Men's BB 2014-15, Fund Raising

Unlike many university basketball programs that are well funded by any number of sources, JUCO basketball programs must work hard on fund-raising for their team.  The community must support the team in a way that meets the rules and regulations of the oversight organizations like the CCCAA/NCAA, Federal Funding and the College itself.  Breaking these rules can ruin a program for good and put people in jail.  AVC starts early on organizing it main fundraising component, the Slam Dunk Golf Tournament.  Planning for the September Tournament, is led by Newton Chelette, Dean and Athletic Director and is well underway.


The Coaching Staff, Head Coach John Taylor, Athletic Advisor/Assistant Coach Mike Rios, and assistant coaches Ryan Fraiser and Donte Bell huddled up after the season ended and put together a plan to win the conference, state tournament, and placing their players with a university scholarship.   Add to that, determining the type of players the team will need to add to meet their goals. 

The demand to join the Antelope Valley College basketball program is high.  The coaching staff spend a great deal of their time screening through 65+ requests to join every year.  Attending high school all-star games, meeting with walk-ins, talking to people on the phones, screening emails and text messages. 

Along with this, the coaching staff along with the academic staff continuously monitor current student athletes’ grades, classroom activity and teach basketball classes.  A constant blur of activity.

I am fascinated and disappointed by JUCO’s that attempt to run their basketball programs with part-time coaches or coaches that cover more than one programs.  ie.  Both men’s and women’s programs.  An elite program can’t be run that way and the players suffer. 

More tomorrow on spring activities.

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