JUCO Basketball “Crazy Recruiting Time” of the Year

Posted: March 29, 2013 in AVC Men's Basketball, AVC Men's BB 2013-14, Recruitment

Spring break is upon us at Antelope Valley College.  One whole week off from the final academic push of the year.  Both the sophomores and freshman need to keep the academics up to get next year’s university scholarship and edibility.

University recruitment going at full tilt at AVC.  Looks like 4 of the 6 AVC sophomores will be heading to D-1 Universities on scholarships.  One additional sophomore will be heading to D-2 or NAIA.  The last sophomore has “kinda disappeared” from the scene.  Hope he’s in class and finishes his AA and gets back into the swing of things.  He has the physical talent to play at the next level.  Gotta keep those grades up! Most high school senior players with college level talent that have not committed to a university, are in what I call the “Duke/Miracle” phase.  Their grades could be a close thing…same with SAT…schools are talking to them but no visits or offers.  They are waiting for Duke to call with a scholarship offer and a solution to their SAT/grades.  Most are refusing to even consider playing at the JUCO level just yet. 

The high school players who know they will be playing at a JUCO, are being wooed by multiple JUCO’s.  The “Orange and Black” limo from the west, has been in town with promises of a ocean view.  Add to that the JUCO college of the “Northern suburbs” of the Antelope Valley, has been town as well with its promise of the wonderful life of the 3 and dunk style of basketball. 

Finally, players who left the Antelope Valley for greener pastures in the past year are returning to workouts at AVC.  A crazy time of the year. 

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