Following JUCO Basketball for 50 Years Takes Its Toll

Posted: March 24, 2012 in Humor

See what happens when you watch JUCO basketball for a long time?  Was talking to my 94 year old Dad today and he was telling me about the Minnesota High School basketball playoffs.  He really likes a 6’9” 15 year old sophomore but feels he needs to spend some time in the weight room. 










      Me       Age 17                                                                                                  Me      Age 67


If I make it to 94, wonder how many players AVC will send to will send to universities?  Lets see, 4 per year X 27 = 108 scholarships.   Still gonna be there in in 27 years Coach Taylor?

  1. Ref_Hekler says:

    If your dad is 94, you are really a YOUNG man, in dog years just a teenager……keep it up Melvin!!